Be Kind or Be Gone T-Shirt in Dark Pink

This t-shirt was inspired by the belief that kindness can reshape the world, the “Be Kind or Be Gone” message prominently claims the spotlight. It’s a reminder that in a world that can occasionally appear chaotic, adopting kindness is not merely a choice; it’s a lifestyle. Let this soothing dark shade uplift your spirits and magnify the message – being kind is a superpower we all hold.

Its understated yet powerful design sparks discussions about the significance of disseminating positivity and the joy that arises from embracing the color pink – a hue that symbolizes love, compassion, and playfulness.

The “50 Shades of Pink – Be Kind or Be Gone” Dark Pink T-Shirt isn’t merely an article of clothing; it’s a declaration, a commitment to fostering a world where kindness is the foundation. Wear it as a testament to your belief in the power of positivity, or gift it to a friend to spread the message of kindness and the beauty of pink.

Join the movement – wear your kindness, express it in every shade of pink, and let your wardrobe disseminate love and positivity wherever you journey. Choose kindness, choose pink, and let the world evolve into a brighter, more beautiful place, one t-shirt at a time.



Our 100% preshrunk heavy cotton shirt in the Heliconia color features a seamless rib at the neck, taped shoulder-to-shoulder double-needle stitching throughout, and a 7/8″ collar Classic fit.



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