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Pink People are the Prettiest People!!

New York City in the winter is a sea of black, navy blue, and khaki. Everywhere you turn, the coats, the pants and shirts, the scarves, the briefcases, they are all black, navy blue, or khaki, a sea of bland blending together in a whirlpool of oneness, all the same, all the mass of people hiding together in the crowd as they live their lives hiding out in the open.

You know me though. I like pink. My life is pink. My world is pink. My hair, coat, scarves, pants, shirts, gloves, and fuzzy ear muffs are all pink. It is not that I am intentionally trying to stand out from the crowd, but rather it is a matter of living the life I love and loving the life I live. Pink makes me happy.

I was in New York City from January 9th to the 13th with my husband, Bob, to see the Rockefeller tree before it was taken down. We went everywhere and had so much fun. We went to the Ice-Cream museum in Soho, Lombardi’s (the first pizzeria in the united States-great pizza by the way),to the Botanical gardens in the Bronx to see the train show (now THAT was a sight to see), and off to Central Park for a horse and carriage ride. We rode the subway and the buses. We went to the Guggenheim. We went to Times Square and to go see Kimberly Akimbo at the Booth Theatre. Everywhere we turned was the sea of black, navy blue, and khaki, and every once in a while you would see people, people like me, dressed in pink, with smiles on their faces and laughter exuding from their entire beings, people living the life they love…And pink people find each other.

Everywhere I went, passersby would say things to me like, “You are so pretty in pink,” or “wow, that color looks great on you,” or “I love your aesthetic.” So many compliments, and so much enjoyment shared between strangers as the pink stood out and they saw beyond the black, navy blue, and khaki. Perhaps in those cold temperatures (it was in the 20s to the 40s mostly while we were there) they saw my pink aesthetic and looked forward to warmer weather, to Spring, to a day when they could simply see beyond the sea of drab to the visions of warmth and happiness, to Springtime when they too could allow themselves to wear pink or the other colors of Spring.

Once in a while though, my people, my Pink People, would shine through the dreary Winter colors and we would find each other. We would smile and get excited and express to each other how much we loved whatever pink thing they were wearing. We took pictures together. We laughed. We smiled. We exuded a happiness that can only come from living the pink life and loving every minute of it. From AB (Abubikah or something like that), to Alex, and Kennedy (in photograph), and the girl who worked at FAO Schwartz, and the girls on the subway, both in pink, that I am sorry now that I did not ask for a picture together, we all just enjoyed life and all that it had to offer us. From the photographer at the bus stop who asked me if she could take a photo, to the people in the stores peeking over the clothing racks toward me, it was simply so much fun. It was life being lived, not life being dreaded.

As we left Lombardi’s, we stopped to take a photograph by the wall of greenery and pink roses, and Kennedy walked up as a lady with a small dog with a pink sweater walked past. Kennedy and I both smiled and it was like our sisterhood was always just known. We were a part of a pink family, a family who loves to be happy.

Perhaps as we walk through life living as our best pink selves, we will share a moment of happiness and positivity in the lives of those who live in the sea of black, navy blue, and khaki. Perhaps we will bring a smile to someone who needed to smile that day. Perhaps, the next time they open their closet they will choose to grab something pink and join our pink tribe.

Have an amazingly positive pink and happiness-filled day and let us know in the comments how pink makes you feel.

MeLynda Rinker

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